Lack of cash flow has long been a major hazard for Real Estate agents in Australia. Even the best are prone to intermittent cash flow because of the very nature of the business. The solution for an increasing number of agencies is to utilise the services of a real estate commission advance company to provide effective short-term financing. Operating with none of the conventional red tape that banks traditionally demand, the wait for a commission can be eradicated with a commission advance paid directly into an agencies bank account in less than 4 hours.

Our charges are the lowest in the industry – $1.39 per $1,000 per day. No credit checks & easy application.


The initial application process should be simple and easy, supported by an on-line application process. Approval should be very quick (same day) and painless, with minimal documentation required. Well established real estate commission advance companies will be able to process you application, establish your account and deposit your first commission advance directly into your bank account the same day you apply. Subsequent advance requests should be processed in under 4 hours, with clear funds paid directly into your nominated bank account in less than 4 hours from requesting the advance.




The best real estate commission advance operators are the ones that understand the nature of the business, with Principal’s that have finance industry experience and long-standing experience in the real estate commission factoring business. Honesty, integrity and trust are critical in this industry where large sums of money are involved. It pays to deal with a proven commission advance company that has been operating for some time and has an established track record (recommend +5 years). Some start-up commission advance companies are operated by people with no relevant experience and limited access to ongoing funds. When choosing a source of funds to grow and support your agency, you need to ensure that the commission advance company will be there for you when you need them.


When you’re researching a commission advance companies, look for one that doesn’t impose a minimum or maximum limit on the amount that you can receive. Also seek the flexibility to secure advances on multiple commissions at any one time, as some funders have restrictive policies in this regard. Moreover, make sure that you have the ability to repay the advance prior to settlement if you wish, as this option has the potential to save you money if you have the funds available. It’s important that you advance company has the flexibility to support your agencies growth and future needs, and the funding available when you need it. Flexibility is the key to saving you money.



Look for a company that specifies all its fees and charges upfront. The fee structure should be easy to understand, with no establishment fees, no lock-in contracts, no late settlement penalties, no review fees or unused limit fees. It is important to ensure that you pay fees only the amount advanced, for the term of the advance only. Some company’s bill based on the commission amount (not the amount advanced to you), whilst others charge for a minimum period of say 30 days regardless. The last thing you want is to commit to a funding arrangement and be slugged with unfair or hidden costs.




Selecting a real estate commission advance company is much the same as choosing a bank. Do your homework, look at the options offered and choose the one that is right for you.

Oxbridge Finance is one of the fastest growing commission advance company in Australia. We are attached to Oxbridge Property (www.oxbridge.com.au), an agency that has over 250+ agents in Australia and New Zealand

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