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Getting a loan can be stressful. Oxbridge ensures you have a dedicated personal manager to walk you through the lending process.

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We pride on our efficient service. Our staffs are trained professional with years of experience. Approval can be as little as a few hours

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All Types of Loans

From bridging to construction to non-conforming loans Oxbridge Finance handles all types of loans

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What do we offer?

When considering a loan, there are various loan types to choose from, such as variable interest rate loan (standard and basic), fixed interest rate loan and Line of Credit (equity loan). Oxbridge offers a large variety of loans

Bridging Loan

If you are buying a new property whilst you are still looking to sell your existing property, you might want to look into something called a bridging loan. A bridging loan is a short term loan that gives you up to 6 months to sell the existing property, helping you navigate this awkward time as you transition to your new home.

Interest only home loan

When borrowing money from a lender or bank, you can choose to pay just the interest on the loan or both the interest and the principal (the actual amount borrowed). If you choose to pay only the interest on the loan, your repayments will be much lower freeing up cash for things like renovations and other expenses. However, a lender or bank will always assess your ability to pay back both interest and principle in order to qualify for the loan as interest-only loans have a limited life span of up to 5 years.

Low Doc Loans

As the name suggests, a low-doc loan is a loan suited to borrowers who may find it difficult to provide the paperwork needed for a traditional home loan. This type of loan usually appeals to investors and people who are self-employed as lenders will use other sources of documentation to consider your suitability for a loan.

Car Loans

We search through offers from over 20 lenders to find you the car loan that will best suit your needs

Development Finance

Whether you are the owner of a site with plans to develop, or you are considering purchasing a development site, Oxbridge Finance is ready to assist you by providing the development financing you require. Our professionals
at Oxbridge are keenly aware that in the development industry, time is money.

As with all of our funding at Oxbridge Finance, we give our potential borrowers answers and explanations right away, often within 24 hours.

At Oxbridge Finance, we understand the more delicate points of site development, so we can work with our borrowers to determine the most suitable loan structure and rates as well as critically view the property to check feasibility.

Construction Loan

A construction loan is a specialised loan that helps you meet the unique needs of ongoing payments throughout the contruction process. The key difference between a construction loan and a regular home loan is that it allows you to draw down on the loan balance, whilst a traditional home loan is made available in one lump sum to the borrower.

Introductory Loan

The interest rate is usually low to attract borrowers. Also known as a honeymoon rate, this rate generally lasts only for around 12 months before it rises. Rates can be fixed or capped. Most revert to the standard rates at the end of the honeymoon period.

Non-Conforming Loans

Some people with a poor credit rating may struggle to be approved for a traditional home loan from as they are perceived as a greater risk to the lender. But not all is lost, as a non-conforming loan allows these people to secure a loan as lenders can use other evidence of your ability to repay a loan. A larger deposit is often needed as a sign that you are able to repay the loan and a higher interest rate is needed to offset the risk for the lender.

Personal Loans

At Oxbridge, we understand there are special times in life when you could use a little extra cash for things like planning a wedding, taking a well-deserved holiday, completing some home renovations or giving the kids a high-quality education.

A personal loan is a short term loan of typically 5-7 years, often with interest rates higher than that of mortgages but lower than that of a credit card, offering a useful solution for those special projects. Also, because you are assessed based on your credit risk and experience, the turn around time for approval is usually much faster than that of a mortgage too.

At Oxbridge we do all the legwork by comparing multiple products from a range of lenders so that we track down competitively priced personal loans that let you achieve your goals.

Fixed vs Variable Home Loan

A fixed-rate loan is one that allows you to lock-in the current interest rate at the time of settlement. This means that the lender can not make any adjustments to the interest rate, whether it be up or down. Depending on your situation and needs, you may want to fix a rate for up to 5 years, although the lifetime of the loan itself may be 25 or 30 years.

Though some people might like the security of knowing exactly how much their repayments will be, they might lose out on falling interest rates as the market changes.

Line of Credit Loan

Once you have owned a property for a while and you have built up some equity by making repayments, you can then apply for a loan called a line of credit. This type of loan allows you to access the funds whenever it is needed.

Split Rate (Principal and Interest) Loans

Split rate loan allows you to fix one portion of the loan whilst the setting the remaining amount as a variable. You can even choose how much you would like to allocate to both, giving you the best of both worlds with the peace of mind a fixed rate provides whilst also being able to capitalise on the possibility of rates dropping.

Business & Commercial Finance

Oxbridge can help you understand the finance options available and do all the legwork in sourcing the right business loan for your needs.

Debt or Equity - We will find you the financing

Each business niche may require a unique functionality of its own… With that notion in mind, our team of professional WordPress

Largest Panel of Lenders

As a specialist lender we strive to match our customers with a finance that suits their needs. Oxbridge Finance holds one of the largest panel of lenders in Australia.

With our lending panel, we offer:

  • More choice
  • Free bank valuations
  • Access to specialist lenders
  • Access to Private Equity and Large Investment Funds

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